Thursday, April 29, 2010

31 cent Ice Cream Night

Last night I took the kids to 31 flavor for 31 cent scoop night. It was so much fun. Everyone was happy to be spending under a dollar for a yummy treat. Peyton had her own cone and managed to get ice cream everywhere, even in her hair. Tanner switched when Tan wanted Rainbow Schubert instead of his Mint Chip. I love when I feel like a thrifty and fun mom. Last night I did.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Face Paint Fun

I took the kids to an Easter Event. Tanner loves getting his face painted so Peyton watched him get an egg on his face. Then I thought maybe Peyton would hold still. She did! She is our cute little bunny. Happy Spring!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I love sharing a contract with my mom but the bad thing about it is that we don't get to play together during the school year. Over Spring Break we had a ball playing together. One day we took my kids, plus Jafta to Legoland.
Here we are at the Bob the Builder 4D show. It was hot so we all had hats and sunscreen on.
Cute boys in board shorts.
Here is a great picture that Tanner took of Peyton and I.
I was so proud of my mom for taking the boys on the giant slide.
Peyton loved climbing in and out of the Lego cars.
To end the day Jafta and Tanner got to drive the cars around the track.

I bought a Model Mom's Pass. It cost $77. oo and I get in free every Thursday to Legoland and to the Sealife Legoland park, plus free parking. To go one day it costs $67 and to park it is $12. As you can see I saved money right off the bat. It was a little busy when we were there so I look forward to going when it isn't too busy. Plus every week they have special programs. Every week they have a special class such as Stroller Stride class, play groups, music and art classes. I feel like it is the best deal in So Cal.

So let me know if you want to join me. I look forward to many more visits this year.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Tanner's Craft

I want to give Tanner every opportunity to be what every he wants to be. He loves to skateboard, sing and to do art. But he really loves taking pictures! Here are just a few of his masterpieces.
Daddy's Shoe
Dancing Mommy
Sister in Costco
No You Didn't!
Fuzzy Face
Tanner's Chin
No Make-Up Mommy in Costco.
Maybe Christie could give him a few pointers on how to photo shop.