Thursday, January 31, 2008

Emily, I'm calling you out.

I just wanted to add this cute new picture of Tanner!

Secondly, Emily Harvey Rocky! You have some nerve. Leaving comments on my blog and not even letting me see your blog and learn about your life. Come on give me a break, let me in Emily.

Happy LOST night everyone. I am counting down and I can't wait to see what happens! I'm going to get my Lost On tonight!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Breakfast Time

My favorite parts of working part-time is getting to spend so much time with The Boy. We always have lazy mornings where we both stay in our PJ's till noon! We read and play for an hour or so then we head downstairs for breakfast. This morning I had finished a box of my favorite and Tanner really wanted to try some too.

My empty box became his new toy for the day. He held it and chewed it until it ended up on the flour. After breakfast he got down on the ground and pushed the box all around the kitchen. I don't know why he loves to do that. Usually it's Kipp's cell phone that he is pushing around.

If you want to be in show biz like your Godfather JJ, turn the box around! Come on kid.
On a side note he is taking more steps every day! One here and two there, then he falls to the flour! What a big boy.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


An amazing woman from our church passed away last week. She had been a faithful servant in our church for 22 years. Michael and Mark both came to the service on Saturday. I think it had been a few years since we have been at MVCC together. The service was beautiful. All week I have been reminiscing about all the people who have influenced me over the years. I have loved growing up at Mission Viejo Christian Church and I love the memories that I have from there.

Uncle Michael was here for a day and a half and we squeezed in some family time. On Friday night my mom made a great dinner and we all hung out together. Michael is hugging Tanner, India, and Jafta.

Michael and Tanner are ready to read a bed time story.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Buddy Carson

Tanner and his buddy Carson. They fist meet last summer when they came down for Jen's birthday. We are so excited that they are coming down again in March! Tanner will be 1 and Carson will be 2 1/2. My hope is that they will be life long friends.

Matching outfits are the key to any good friendship!

We are looking forward to our Disney Play Date! We love you friends.

Look how much Tanner has grown in 6 months.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Our first Band Practice! We went over to Derek adn Jackie's to have our 1st practice. It is important for Kipp and I to raise Tanner in a musical household. (Shout our to Jen and Kristi!) Well Tanner likes to rock out to Jack Johnson and High School Musical 2 soundtrack. But we also want him to sing and play music so we gave him a little practice.

Tanner loved singing along as we were playing the music.

Hey buddy you may need to take that Paci out first.

Peace, I'm out!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Birthday Breakfast

Happy birthday daddy!

We are out front and Tanner loved looking at the ducks. We went through a lot of bread and duck food. The ducks were glad that we came.

Kipp's 30th birthday is this Monday 1-21-08! We had a surprise Birthday Breakfast for him this morning. Jafta is helping him blow out his candle.

We went to a cute place in HB called Alice's Breakfast in the Park. Jafta, India, Tanner, and Haley are hanging out with the Grandparents.
Right outside there was a big pond with a bunch of ducks. We had so much fun feeding them. The little kids and the big kids loved them too!

Here is the whole gang after a great breakfast. The light is a little bright but I love how our friends and family are all together loving Kippers! What a great day. Kipp felt very loved. He also loved opening his gift from all of us, a brand new surfboard.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Little Helper

Tanner's favorite game is picking things up and handing them to me. The other day we were home together and Tanner opened our pantry and started handing me EVERYTHING! I snapped some pictures and let him play in his new found space. He looks so proud of himself.

One thing that Kipp and I try to do is to have a nice family house rather than Pee Wee's Playhouse. So we clean up his toys every night when the kid goes to bed. Now Tanner has a new spot to hide some of his toys. He knows right where to go to open the door and find his toys.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Day At The Beach, in January!

Tanner is 10 months old now and it was time for his first surf lesson. Daddy can't wait till he is up and riding. We went to the beach with our good friend Derek. Tanner is wearing his Lifeguard shirt just in case the boys needed help in the water. Tanner climbed on Kipp's board then Derek and Daddy gave him a few pointers. I'm sure it won't be long before he's out there with them.

Once the boys were in the water we played on the blanket for about 2 minutes. In my head we were going to sit on the blanket, read, snuggle, rest, and play. Like I said, we stayed on the blanket for 2 minutes. Sometimes I forget that this kid is 1/2 Kipp. We spent the next hour or so crawling on the sand. Tanner loves to pick up things that he knows he shouldn't play with and hand them to me. As he crawled around he handed me trash and other gross things that were left on the beach. Every time I would say, "Thank you Tanner, you're right we don't play with that."

After our walk/crawl about we went back to the blanket and had a snack. About that time Tanner realized that it was an hour and a half past his nap time. So I packed up his stuff and put him back in the front pack. We slowly started back up the hill.

It was a beautiful day in January! Tanner wore his warm hat but the sun was out the whole time. Kipp usually goes surfing every Saturday and it was fun to be a part of his weekly routine.

One thing about this kid, he loves to sand!
We hope one day he will love the water too!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Tanner's 1st Step!

WOW! We are so excited! Kipp's parents came over to play with Tanner today. Grandma made us a great meal! Grandma and Daddy had given him a bath and he was hanging out in his cute PJ's. He was holding onto the couch and and he turned to look at me. Then he stood up, which he has been doing lately, and took a step! I KNOW! He will be 10 months old on Monday. He is such a stud. While I am giving a T update he has 3 top teeth and 2 on the bottom. He is the apple of our eye!