Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tanner's First Earthquake

For those of you that live in So. Cal. maybe you felt the Earthquake today. I had just parked at the mall and was finishing a conversation with Jennifer Johnson when I said, we are having an earthquake. It started out slow them a second way hit that scared me. I hung up the phone and took Tanner out of his safe car seat to hold him in my arms, like that is any safer?!? I thought I was going crazy, then a bunch of people came out of the mall and I realized I wasn't the only one to feel it. My cute hubby called me to make sure we were alright.
I am glad we made it through!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tanner wants to tell you something...

We are 10 weeks along and we have already seen a picture of our little babe. Believe it or not I have the same due date that I did with Tanner, Feb 26th. Our kids are going to be 2 years apart. Tanner's birthday is March 7th because I was late.
I had this shirt made for Tanner so he could be the messenger.

Tan and I met Kipp at the park after work one day. Tan had a sweatshirt on and it was a hot summer day. When Kipp took it off and read the shirt he said, "Who's a big brother? What? How did this happen?" Finally it sunk in and he is so happy.

It was my mom's birthday 2 years ago when we told our families that we were pregos the first time. As luck would have it, it was my mom's birthday again. After dinner Kipp changes Tanner into the shirt and my dad was the first one to see it. Jodie was here with the kids for he sister's wedding and I am so glad they were there for the reveal. Mark, Kristen and the kids were there too along with my aunt and uncle form Oklahoma.
Two days later we went down to Kipp's parents and Tanner spread the news one more time with Grandma and Grandpa Lyons. They are so excited and so are we!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Knott's Berry Farm

Last weekend we had Jafta and India while their parents were on an anniversary cruise. We asked my dad to be an extra set of hands and boy did we need him! 1 to 1 ratio is the way to go! They had a blast just riding in the car together!
The favorite ride of the day was the Stagecoach. The 6 of us got to ride inside the stagecoach while 4 horses pulled us around the park. India and Tanner thought they were in a parade and were waving at everyone.

For lunch we sat in an old bar. After we ate we got to see and old fashion singing and dancing show. You can tell the kids loved the show. Alright I liked it too.
Messy Tanner is in his 3rd shirt of the day. I got to take a break while Kipp and my dad took the kids on the Merry-go-Round.
We were at the park all day so the babies got tired. Here are some pictures of the kids...
I hung out with the babies while the big boys went on a train ride. Jafta thought it was a little bit scary. Uncle Kipp let all the kids play a game and win a price. India has her prize and Tanner's. Grandpa won a snack for Jafta.
The balloon ride was a blast! Surprise, Jafta wanted to ride with Kipp, India and Grandpa had fun and Tanner and I loved it too.
A little train ride. Tanner is wearing his Knott's shirt. We bought one for all the kids. Is there anything better than matching shirts? With 3 little wiggle bugs we didn't get a picture of the kids with their shirts.
Three kids sharing a double stroller! We had a great time.

Friday, July 18, 2008

6 Years of Love

Monday was Kipp and my 6 year wedding anniversary! Yea! We watched our wedding video and remembered how much fun our wedding day was. Tanner had his first slumber party at Mark and Kristen's house. He had a great time and Kristen said he didn't even miss us because he was having so much fun.
Kipp and I went to the Melting Pot for an amazing 2 and a half hour dinner. We enjoyed every bite! If you have not been there we highly recommend it.

Even though it was our 6 year wedding anniversary we dated for 5 and a 1/2 years before we got married. We were 19 when we had our first kiss. Now we are 30 and have a beautiful son to share our lives with. God is faithful and good!
I love you Kippy!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beach Day with Gram

Tanner and I went to North Beach on Friday. It was beautiful and we had a great time. Tanner covered Grandma's feet with sand and drank her soda all day. He was scared of the water at first, but then he wanted to jump in the water! We dug in the sand and ate snacks. It was the perfect day and it made us all feel like it was summer.

We covered Tanner with sand but he escaped before I could get the shot!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

1 Tired Pup

Summer is in full swing!
We are having a ball!
Play hard, Crash hard!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Last night we got to see a taping of my favorite show, So You Think You Can Dance! An old student of Kipp's dad works on the show and he gave us tickets! Thanks James!!
It was the BEST night! We sat across the aisle from all of the choreographers. We saw Alex, Mia, Mandy Moore (not the singer), Tyce, Lil C and Posha form last years show. A highlight for me was meeting my favorite choreographers Napoleon & Tabitha Dumo. They were super cute and so nice.
We got to see each couple dance 2 times. Before each couple danced they stood in front of us and did their intro shot and we got to wave at them. The dancers, judges and choreographers all waved at, smiled at us or hugged me. Yes just me, Kipp is not a hugger.
We saw (hugged) Kortni who was voted off last week. She is so pretty!
I'm going to stop before I sound like a bigger dork. We had such a good time. The show airs on Wednesday at 8:00.

Here's my top 5 list...
5. Kherington
4. Katee
3. Twitch
2. Joshua
1. Will

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Births and Birthdays

On Thursday June 26th our best friends Jen, Trent and Carson welcomed Sydney Paige Tompkins into their family. She is beautiful. Check out her blog to the right: Jen Bunch. We can't wait to meet you Syd!On Friday we spent the day at the Rancho Lake and played in the water for my mom's birthday. Then we went to my parents house for dinner and cupcakes. We love you mommy.
SHIRTS OFF! The cousins dig into some cupcakes for Grandma's Birthday! Tanner heard everyone saying the word cupcake, then he said it too! He is really starting to find his voice.

Derek and Jackie look like they are in Hawaii, but really it's Irvine. Wild Rivers here we come.
So Derek and my mom have the same birthday, June 27th. On Saturday we surprised him for a day of fun at Wild Rivers. It was a hot day so we all loved cooling off on the water rides.
That's me on the right, Jackie's 3 cute sisters, friends, cousin and aunt. Little Tyler crashed our girls picture.
Tanner and Emma (Derek and Jackie's Niece) take a break from the water to have a much needed snack! Check out Tan's crazy hair.
Another Happy Birthday shout out to JJ, aka The Godfather! His B-day was Saturday, June 28th, busy birthday week for our families and friends!
As you read on my previous post we are waiting for Madeline's Birthday this coming Thursday.

Kipp and I are so blessed by our friends and families. We always want you to know how special YOU are to us.
Happy Birthday and Unbirthday to you all.