Sunday, June 07, 2009

Our Weekend

We were so blessed to have so much help from our moms this weekend. My mom picked Tanner up from the babysitter on Friday and he had a slumber party with her. She brought him home on Saturday and they hang out for a few hours before Grandma Lyons took him to her house for a slumber party. Kipp and I got a lot of quality time with Peyton. She is 3 1/3 months now and is so cute!
Since Kipp slept a lot this weekend and Tanner was gone Peyton and I went to some Yard Sales this weekend. I got this great new swing for $12. She just learned how to grab onto things. We love this face she makes. We think she is saying. "You wanna mess with me?"
Our blue eyed girl!

Tanner calls both of his Grandmas, Grandma--we don't do Mimi or Nana. So my mom taught him to say Grandma Lyons and Grandma Howerton. When they were all over at the house he started saying Grandma Lyons and Other Grandma.

Kipp is in more pain today. Please pray for him. If you know him at all you know it is killing him to stay still. He wants to run around and go skate with Tanner. It is going to be a long road ahead.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Big Boy Room

Look at Tanner's big boy room that is finally finished! I love his beach boy room. Tanner is such a big boy and is a wonderful brother to Pey. They look so cute just hanging out together. We were lucky enough to get Tanner big boy bed for FREE from a lady who was moving to a smaller place. It is a trundle bed so we pull out the bottom bed for slumber parties. We just turned the bed the opposite way so there is a railing so Tan doesn't fall out.
He has been in his room for several months now but the new additions are his wall art and his new chair. We got this sticker art from Jen Bunch Tompkins. We wanted something for the walls that he wouldn't knock down. He is a little rowdie and likes to jump on the bed, kick the wall, throw his pillows around, you name it he does it! So the stickers are perfect and he loves them.
His surfer room is now complet with his beach chair and a sand bucket full of books! Stop by and read with us anytime!

Kipp had knee surgery on Friday and Tanner has a hard time being mellow. He is spending the weekend with his grandparents. Kipp and I both agree that things are very quiet when he is not around. We miss out little wild man!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Another Busy Month

I can't believe that May is over! I only have 3 more weeks of school and I am looking forward to this summer. We had a busy month and I wanted to share some highlights. Here are all 7 of the Howerton/Lyons cousins together for the first time. From left to right, India 2 1/2, Caleb 7, Peyton 3 mo, Tanner 2, Jafta 4, Alex 9 and Karis 1 month. We hadn't seen the Alex and Caleb in 6 months so it was great to visit with them. I know they loved meeting their two newest cousins.
Tanner is giving Aunt Jodie some love. Jodie and her parents ran a 1/2 marathon in the morning. In the afternoon we had a pool party for Caleb's 7th birthday.
Uncle Michael with his two baby girls.
3 month old Peyton with her kitty.
Big boy Tanner at his preschool class. Between My Gym and his preschool we stay busy. We are getting ready for the weather to get nice so we can have some more beach days. I don't know what to do with these 70 degree days that we have been having. Burr!!