Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shower the people you love with love

On Saturday Peyton's 2 Grandmas gave her a shower at Mimi's cafe. It was so perfect! Peyton got some new clothes and things to go in her nursery. I spent the rest of the weekend washing her things and putting them away.
Grandmas love their baby girl!
Kristen and here baby girl (due in April), Beth, Elise, Me, Stephanie and Tammy. As you can see Peyton is a BIG girl! I have 3 1/2 weeks to go before I get to hold my girl!! I can't wait.
Tanner and India are 5 months apart to the day. Peyton and baby girl Howerton will only be 2 month apart. I am so excited to see our new babies!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Look at this long haired kid. Tanner is almost 23 months old and we thought we should give him his first haircut before baby comes. Here are some before shots of our little surfer boy.

He got to sit in a rocket chair and watch Dora on TV. He was also getting treats so he was very good!
Just like Uncle Trent, when the TV is on Tanner is in the zone.
Driving the rocket! We were so worried that she would cut it too short but we were very happy with the way it turned out! She put gel in his hair when she was finished. We were so proud of our big boy!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Big Boy Bed

A few weeks ago we put Tanner in his big boy bed. From the first night he was great. He stayed in bed all night and in the morning he would yell out Mommy. Kipp and I were so proud of him. He is growing up and is such a big boy.
His new room is a Surfer Room. He feels so big. It has let us set up the nursery for Peyton.
When we were on vacation he slept on a little mat and still did great. We are so lucky to have such a good sleeper. Good night friends.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Vacation in Clear Lake

We just got back from a great vacation with the Tompkins! Jen and Trent are our college friends and they were both in our wedding 6 years ago. We are so blessed to still be close friends with them. Last spring they came down to our house for a Disney vacation. Sydney wasn't born yet and Tanner was still a little young to have a real playmate. So we really didn't know how the kids would be. Tanner and Carson loved playing together. Tanner loved saying "Hi Baby" to Sydney and waving to her.
You can see in some of the pictures how beautiful it was. The weather was amazing and that was a real treat for our Oregon friends. We took so many pictures and here are a few that I want to share first.
Carson couldn't stop throwing rocks in the water. We had just had a picnic and the boys played at a playground. And by boys I mean Carson, Trent, Tanner and Kipp. The big boys had a contest to see who could jump off of the swing with the longest jump.
Throwing rocks into the lake.

Tanner would wake up and be so excited to go out of his room to see Carson.
Story time with the kids.

All 4 girls! Next vacation Peyton and Sydney will get to play together.
Hugs for the boys. Sydney is hanging out on the floor.

My two dads.

We all kept saying we couldn't believe how well Carson and Tanner were getting along. The day after we got home Tanner was really missing his friend.
Tanner loved his Thomas backpack and wanted to take it on the walk.
It was a great vacation for all! It was nice to have this trip to look forward to towards the end of my pregnancy. I only have 5 weeks to go now. Kipp and Trent were the best dads ever! They wore those boys out every day! One day they went on such a long walk that Tanner threw up! That is some good fun!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Big Boy Jafta is 4!

Jafta's birthday party was at a jump jump place. The kids had to watch a safety movie before they were allowed to play. What good listeners!
Tanner was the youngest kid, but he kept up with them. He was a great jumper.
Tanner was sitting at the far end of the table and every few minutes he would walk over to Jafta and give him a little hug.
Happy Birthday Jafta!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

My New Skateboard

Tanner got a new Skateboard for Christmas from Kipp and I. We got his pads and helmet at a second hand store. He loves to go skateboarding with his dad! There is a church above our house and it has a great parking lot for the boys to skate on. Today I had to work at church all day so Tanner had some good daddy time. Here are a few photos.