Monday, August 24, 2009

My Favorite Pictures of the Summer

Tomorrow is my last day of summer before I report back to school for another year. We have a full summer. I have loved learning how to be a mom of 2 kids. I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of the summer.

In June we had all the cousins together since we added Peyton and Karis to the mix. I love that Tanner and Peyton have so many cousins to grow up with.

Peyton has grown up from a newborn to a cool little baby. She is so mellow and fun. She loves the swings and going to the park. Just like Tanner she loves to be outside.
We had a great 4th of July at Mark and Kristen's block party. This was the 2nd year we went and I am hooked. Tanner loves this girl so much. I can just picture him being the protector for his cousins and sister.
Kipp got free tickets right behind home plate. Kipp, Tan, Jafta and Mark had a great time at the game. I love the friendship that my brother and my husband share. I am so blessed by my family.
Happy 4th of July babies.
Kipp is such a great dad. He loves his little Princess Pey Pey.
Our best friends Derek and Jackie had their baby Cyrus 2 weeks ago and we love him already.
Carson and Tanner playing in the water. Today we were driving to meet my mom at her pool and Tanner asked if Carson would be there.
Our summer involved staying cool in the water. Jafta and Tanner had fun at the fountains.
We went to Disneyland while Kelle and Aaron were here. This may be my favorite picture of the summer. We were sharing a treat and it was my turn for a bite. What a cutie.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Family Vacation

We went up to Washington like we do every summer and had a wonderful time. The kids love playing together and this year Tanner got to sleep in Caleb's bunk bed. Alex and Caleb loved playing with Tanner but it was very special for them to get to know Peyton. They were down in Cali a few months ago but Peyton is changing so fast. She is 6 months now and she loves to laugh, smile, roll and is starting to crawl.

One day we took a ferry to a cute little town. It was very Grey's Anatomy.

We went to the farm and picked carrots. On a different day we went to pick blueberries. I think the adults got carried away because we brought home buckets full.

We had a wonderful vacation but we are sad to see the summer end. I go back to school next week and I am so blessed to be sharing a contract again with my mom.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Camping on the Coast

On part of our vacation we got to go to Wei-ne-ma Christian Camp for week of Missions. We were there for 2 days and 1 night and were able to stay in a nice camper. JJ spoke at the camp for Life in Abundance and it was so much fun to hear all of the amazing things that LIA is doing in Africa.
For having 4 kids and 3 adults sleep in one camper we had a pretty good nights sleep. I think Peyton is making the funniest face as she hits Carson in the mouth. Tanner has the best morning hair.
Jen's mom and Grandparents were staying close by so they invited us up for breakfast. Sydney is loving those fresh berries.
Watching Carson and Tanner play together reminds me of watching Kipp and Trent together. They are so funny and love to take each other down.
For those of you that don't know Kipp and I went to College with Jen and Trent. They were both in our wedding and some of our best friends in the world. JJ is also a college friend and Tanner and Peyton's God-Father, self-appointed.
It had been very hot at Jen and Trent's house so it was nice to cool down by the water.
Jen and Sydney touched the wet sand but it was WAY too cold for us girls to get in the water. We had such a wonderful time with these friends. We are so blessed by their friendship. We have known each other for 13 years and now it is so much fun to see our children forming lasting friendships. We miss you already friends.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our Trip to Or. Part 1

Here are a few pictures from our trip to the Pacific Northwest. Here is Tanner siting on the steps that lead to the house where Glenda Lyons grew up.
Kipp's Aunt Nadia was so nice to us while we were there. She even drove us over 2 hours to Washington. It was so nice to visit with her and let her play with the kids. The sad part of our visit was when Tanner fell out of his big boy queen size bed onto the wood floor. Nadia ran upstairs to check on him. He ended up sleeping on the floor on some pillows.
Nadia took us to this little stand where we got the most amazing fruit. Tanner loved getting free tastes. That night Nadia made us an amazing pie!!
Nadia and some of her friends planted a community garden near their church where anyone can pick the produce. Tanner loved getting some fresh tomato that we ended up having for dinner. We had a great visit!!