Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kipp's Halloween Event

On Saturday I took the kids to Kipp's Halloween event. It was way too hot for the kids to wear their Dragon and Piglet costume. So Tanner was a surfer and Peyton was a Ballerina Dancer. Tanner loved riding on the pony.
My wonderful parents came to the even to help me with the kids. Tanner loved going trick-or-treating. (I got Tanner his Quiksilver hat for $1 at a yard sale. Yes! I washed it.)
Daddy and his girl!
Hay! What a fun day!

Some of our little friends came to the event too. All of the boys were surfer boys. Brody and Tanner hanging ten on the board. (I got this board for $.10 at a yard sale.)

Peyton and her boys on their first Halloween.
Peyton 8 months
Brody 6 months
Cyrus 2 1/2 months
Does Tanner look like he's 20 or what? What a great big boy.
Look at me with my mom friends. I am lucky to have friends like Jackie and Andi.

Friday, October 23, 2009

A Sign of What's to Come

I remember when Jen wrote a blog about watching her kids play together. Peyton is 8 months old and she is every where! Tanner loves to play with her. When she gets in his way he says, "No thank you Peyton." I tell him he can move up to the table if her wants to play alone, but he never does. His favorite thing is to make funny faces and do funny voices to make her laugh. Boy does it work! She thinks he is hilarious!
Here they are playing with the train together. When I am in the kitchen I love to hear them playing in the other room.
I let him play pretty rough with her. I figure that she will let him know when it is too rough. I loved growing up with 2 brothers. Having a brother makes for a tough girl!
I love that these two get to grow up together. Family is a pretty great thing!

Monday, October 12, 2009

High School Musical Birthday Party

Happy Birthday India Girl! We had a HSM party for this 3 year old. We had such a good time. Tanner dressed up like Troy and Peyton was a background dancer. India was a cute cheerleader and Jafta was a basketball player.

As part of India's gift I made her treats. I made Star-Dazzle Stick and cupcakes. I was inspired by Jen with the cupcake/cookie combo. I had so much fun making these for her. Kipp was a huge help. I won' t lie, it took forever to make these, but I think they are super cute.

Karis and Peyton had fun playing together. We think that baby Karis looks like Tanner when he was her age.

Kristen put up a big red curtain and the kids stood behind it until the song came on. Then they would come out from backstage to sing and dance.
We're all in this together and we had a wonderful time!
Happy Birthday India!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

1 Year Later

One year ago I found out this thing that was growing in my belly was a little girl and we named her Peyton Elizabeth. Now 1 year later she is a huge part of our life and bring us so much joy! I have never seen such a happy and easy baby.
Yesterday I noticed her first tooth coming in! She is 7 months old and crawls everywhere. She is even standing up while holding things. She is our little dolly. I love putting bows in her hair and giving her hugs!
As she gets older I think Tanner likes her more and more. I think he realizes that she is a little person who is fun to play with. Today they were in the double stroller and Tanner was holding her hand. He is the best big brother.

October 3, 2008
Telling our families that we were having a girl!