Monday, October 01, 2007

The Lyons Men

Tanner/Daddy/Grandpa Lyons/Great Grandpa Lyons
We had a very busy weekend up in San Jose. Kipp's 85 year old Grandpa got married on Saturday and we were able to be there. It was a beautiful wedding weekend and we love Grandpa's wife Maggie. Tanner was able to meet his Great Grandpa,Uncle Aaron as well as many other family members. Tanner was passed around all weekend and loved it. He was only bummed when we put him down at night. He ended up sleeping in our bed all night. Now we are back home and things are back to normal. Tanner was a trooper but I think he liked having a normal day today.


Brazenlilly said...

Yeah! What a great picture and good post. How amazing to see four generations of Lyons guys. Congrats to Grandpa! :)

Diane Davis said...

wow... grandpa's got GAME! great picture :)