Sunday, October 28, 2007

Me and My New Hat

As you know we have had a lot of fires in our area this week. So Tanner and I have been to the Mall several times this week. There is a play area, AC, and the air is clean. Well T got a new hat that I think is so cute. When we got home that night we had a photo shoot. First, he sat on the coach, then he played peek-a-boo under the coffee table.

Next weekend we are going to Boise to see Kelle and Aaron. I hear it's pretty cold so the hat will really come in handy.
You can tell it has been a slow week. But I wanted everyone to see how cute our little man is.


Brazenlilly said...

How does he get cuter and cuter every time!??! Oh, man I just want to grab him and smother him in kisses. Glad you found a break from the smoke!

Diane Davis said...

HELLO... where are the halloween pictures?!?!! He's too cute and I keep looking for MORE!

Kristi said...