Friday, November 23, 2007


I am very thankful,
I am very glad,
for food I eat
for friends I meet,
for mother home and dad!

This year we hosted Thanksgiving at our house! We have Kipp's parents, Kipp's Grandpa and his wife Maggie, my parents and my Aunt Janet over to celebrate Tanner's first Thanksgiving. Everyone brought food to share and we made the turkey. It was the perfect day until Tanner got a high temperature. We took him to the doctor today and he has a cold. Poor guy. So we are just taking it easy! We love our family and friends and are thankful for you in our lives.


Brazenlilly said...

You are such a good hostess! I'd be scared to have T-day at my house. Looks like everyone was having fun. Hope Tanman is feeling better soon. :(

Diane Davis said...

You are brave! I love checking in and seeing new pictures. Carson and Tanner haven't been kissing, have they? Both with colds... hope he feels better soon.