Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Happiest Place on Earth???

So Tanner was not super excited to see Minnie and Goofy. He loved looking around at all the lights that Disneyland had to offer. Then as soon as we stood by Mickey's friends the water works started! He was not a big fan. Poor guy. I wonder how he will be when we see Santa next week.

There's a smile on the boy!

Grandma and T waiting for the parade to start. You can see the Christmas tree in the background!

After a great night at Disneyland we said good night to the castle. I thought it looked so beautiful. We watch the parade, rode the new Finding Nemo ride that I loved. The sub ride was my favorite as a kid so I loved going on it new and improved. Then we saw an amazing firework show that Tanner couldn't stop looking at. Saying bye to the castle was a perfect ending to a perfect night. Tanner was asleep before we had left the paring lot!

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Brazenlilly said...

I LOVE D-land at Christmastime! I don't remember the castle being that pretty--have they always done that? Tanner is such a lucky guy to grow up near Mickey! Soon enough he'll be bugging you to get in line to pose with Goofy. :)