Friday, December 28, 2007

Jafta's 3rd Birthday Party

December is a busy month with 3 birthdays in our family, Christmas and New Years Eve. Yesterday was Jafta's 3rd Birthday and we all went to Pump It Up! For those of you new to the kid birthday party scene it is a place with several jump-houses set up for you to play on. Jafta was super excited for his party. He jumped his little heart out, along with India, Tanner and his little friends. It was so much fun to sit in one of the bouncers and watching Tanner and India crawling around and laughing. After an hour of bouncing we went in for some snacks and cupcakes. Jafta sat in a blow up chair as we all sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him.

Jafta loved his balloons. He had red, blue and Spider Man balloons!

India also got a chance to sit in the birthday chair. She is almost 15 months old. Check out their blogs that Kristen has set up for them on my links. Also Mark and Kristen are in the process of adopting another little guy. Read about it on the Bringing home Kembear link.

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