Saturday, December 22, 2007

Look Who Turned 30!

So yesterday was my birthday! 12-21-77 So I turned 30! How fun. Maybe now people with think I am a grown up rather than a babysitter when I'm out with Tanner. I had such a great day! Tanner and I played at home and had some good times together. Then I went to Burke Williams for some me time! In the evening Kipp had planned a dinner for me, our families and some friends. It was the perfect day and I felt so loved. I was also blessed by phone calls form friends and families that live far away and that made me feel super special.

I am wearing my new birthday jacket thanks to Derek and Jackie! Thanks guys I love it! Looks like tired Tanner is again wearing moms favorite outfit!

Having some birthday cake with Kristi and Shannon. I'm glad that Jafta was there to help me blow out the candle and to eat some of the cake. His birthday is in a few days so he is just getting ready.

My beautiful friend Elise left her boys at home and come out with us. We have been friends for 12 years and now it is fun doing the mom thing with her.

Kipp family came up from San Diego. Kelle is in town for a few days from Boise. Aaron was finishing up the week teaching his High Schoolers and couldn't make it. It was great to have Kelle there and she has loved getting some Tanner time this week. Please look at Tanner's shoes, yes they have lobsters on them! I know!

To me my family is like a party in a box. India and Tanner sat by each other the whole meal. They are best friends. Every now and then Jafta would come over and give them kisses while telling us how soon Christmas and his birthday are. It was also my parents wedding anniversary and they loved spending it with our family.
Michael and Jodie are staying up in Washington for Christmas and they were missed.
It was a great birthday and I love being 30! I love my life! We have this amazing kid that we are crazy for, Kipp makes me laugh every day and we life in sunny So. Cal close to most of our family! Here's to another 30 years!


Brazenlilly said...

Yeah! Happy Birthday! wish we could have been there together with your party in a box. Love you!

Kristi said...

I had such a fun time! Here's to another 30!!! (and I promise I won't ruin the surprise on your 60th!)

Nancy said...

Sarah--I loved being at your party--you are part of what makes my life great!! Tanner and the kids really do make everything more fun!! I plan to be at your 60th too!! Love, Mom

Diane Davis said...

Sarah -- It is so great to feel your happiness oozing from the computer. :) Happy Happy Birthday. You're fabulous!