Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Breakfast Time

My favorite parts of working part-time is getting to spend so much time with The Boy. We always have lazy mornings where we both stay in our PJ's till noon! We read and play for an hour or so then we head downstairs for breakfast. This morning I had finished a box of my favorite and Tanner really wanted to try some too.

My empty box became his new toy for the day. He held it and chewed it until it ended up on the flour. After breakfast he got down on the ground and pushed the box all around the kitchen. I don't know why he loves to do that. Usually it's Kipp's cell phone that he is pushing around.

If you want to be in show biz like your Godfather JJ, turn the box around! Come on kid.
On a side note he is taking more steps every day! One here and two there, then he falls to the flour! What a big boy.


Brazenlilly said...

Maybe he just needs some coaching from J and he'll be ready for commercials. He's cute enough!

JJ said...

Please, I could learn a thing or two from him. The kid's already got IT.

Kristi said...

Does he fall to the floor or the flour? Ha, I am Jen Bunch and correcting your grammar. :o) He is SO ADORABLE!!! Wanna take him to Disney with me on Friday for a Lex/Tanner playdate?

Emily said...

That might be my favorite new cereal too!