Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Oh Magenta

Back in the day T would take any paci to sooth him. For some reason something changed
and PINK became his favorite color. We call his paci magenta to make ourselves feel better about the fact that our son loves his pink paci. What can you do? If he's happy so are we. Here's a look back at some good times we've had with magenta.

Tanner with Magenta their first time to Disneyland. They had such a good time.
August 2008

At Disney again this time it's Christmas.

Christmas morning Tan and Magenta ride a new toy in front of Grandma and Grandpa Lyons'.

Just the 3 of them. Uncle Aaron, Tan and Magenta on our first trip to Boise State Univ!

Red and pink totally go together! I'm a tough fireman, don't mess!


Kristi said...

HILARIOUS! I was gonna say something about it on Monday...but I think a kid threw up or something and I got distracted! :O)

Emily said...

Love it! Sooo funny!

JJ said...

Ohh, he takes after his uncle Trent. Cute.

Brazenlilly said...

Trent does love magenta. And Tanner's paci is too cute. You are right...whatever it takes to make them happy! So, does he want a Barbie for his b-day?