Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

This was Tanner's 1st Valentine's Day. We went to my classroom to have a party with my class. The kids loved seeing him.

I am taking a cake decoration class with my mom. This is my first cake and I am so proud! It says I heart you! Tanner had a little taste!

My cute little Valentine! He is wearing his LOVE shirt and looking at all of his heart Valentines. We had a great day together.

Grandma and Grandpa Lyons came up to hang out with Tanner Boy so Kipp and I could go on a Hot Date! We went to The Beach Fire and had a very nice dinner. With Tanner and Kipp taking turns being sick lately it was the first time that we had a date night. It was a perfect day.

Thank you friends for your prayers for our sick little guy. He was sick for 5 days. It was bad news. Kipp got it too so Tanner and I moved in with my parents for a few days so they could help out. Now they are both healthy and happy! It was really hard having a sick kid. I am so thankful that we have a HEALTHY boy! Praise God!


Brazenlilly said...

Yeah! Thanks for the update. We were getting worried about you! Tanner looks adorable in his little Valentine's Day outfit. See if you can still dress him up like that in 5 years.

Emily said...

So glad to hear that the boys are feeling better. Claire would love to be Tanner's Valentine. She loves older boys (wink).

Kristi said...

Oh yeah...The Tan-Man is back!!! We were so bummed that we missed hanging out with you guys on Saturday! Let's get together when I'm back in town. Give your Valentine a hug for me (Uh...Tanner, not Kipp....AWKWARD!)