Sunday, April 27, 2008

How Do You Measure A Good Day?

If you have read my blog even once you, know that I love being the mother of a little boy. At the end of the day with Tanner, I often look at my little guy and wonder if he had a good day. Here is the evidence that I look for...

1. How dirty is he? Does his shirt need to be presoked and scrubbed? If yes--good day!
2. How greasy is his hair? How many times did I have to rub sunscreen in his hair? If the answer is more than 1--great day.
3. How many times did he cry because he totally ate it? Today, the answer was two times. One time because he climbed up on the toilet , then up onto the the counter of the bathroom. I know what you are thinking; what good mom lets her kid do that? But it was super cute because he put his face to the mirror and was giving himself kisses. Well, then he fell. He cried for about 1 minute. He is so tough!

The second time he climbed up his crib to try to get his Softie.
(Side-note: You already know about Magenta, his favorite pacifier. Well Softie is a light blue blanket with a tag that Tanner loves to suck on and rub on his face. He loves it, and when he is tired he HAS to have it!)
So Softie was in his crib and he needed it. He had taken his bath and we were getting ready for bed. He climbed up his crib, stepped onto the bumper and reached the top of the crib with both hands. Then, I think he realized he that he was 1 and he had to let go and fall to the ground. Again, in tears.

That's my dirty, greasy, tearful, no fear little boy having a great day!


Kristi said...

Oh fun! I hope you have another grease-filled day!!!!

Jodie Howerton said...

This is great! Some moms out there measure good days by how clean their kids/ house are...I am a fan of how you measure it! Seriously, life is meant to be lived! Carpe Diem, Tanner!