Sunday, April 06, 2008

Pool Party

Tanner and Carson in the backyard.
Tanner misses Carson everyday and they had so much fun together.
It was a beautiful day and the boys look so cute with their rash guards on.
If these boys get any bigger we may need a bigger pool!


Brazenlilly said...

yeah! We had so much fun! Carson misses Tanner too. He's asked about him several times! At lunch the day we left, he asked when we were going back to Tanner's house, and when we said we weren't, he started crying! They'll be lifelong buds.

Charla Liedahl said...

OK, Sarah...I don't know how in cyber-world I did it, but I literally stumbled across your blog. Who knows if you even remember me back from the old MVCC days. Anyhow, how stinkin' cute are you and your family??? Oh my gosh! Tanner is darling! Send me an email at or check out my blog at Love ya!--Charla (Speelman) Liedahl