Friday, April 25, 2008

Sarah's New Friend Jack

So Sarah and I headed out to Coachella on Thursday night and stayed in a nice resort that KROQ hooked us up with. We were only 8 miles from the venue which came in handy the next morning because we had to wake up at 5:15am for our Breakfast with Jack Johnson. We arrived at the venue at 6am and waited for the other winners to arrive. There were about 20 winners including us, so we knew it was going to be really fun. On a side note, I do not know why KROQ calls it "Breakfast" when it was pretty much bagels, granola bars and muffins. It should be called "A Breakfast Snack with Jack Johnson." I guess I can't be too picky since it is free, and I do not like to turn down free food.

We headed in, and there sat a very small stage in a beautiful garden with a pond around us. There were no chairs, so we sat about two inches away from the stage on the grass. Jack came out and performed about 6 songs, and in between commercial breaks talked to everyone and played a few melodies.
**I did not use zoom in this picture. We were really that close**

At one point, he played a song called Do You Remember. He told us that it had been over 2 years since he played the song, and could not really remember the words (kind of funny since the song has remember in the title). Anyway, he was singing, and forgetting about 80% of the song. Meanwhile, Sarah was smiling from ear to ear singing along with him. He kept looking at her and she would help him out by singing the words. He kind of stopped and asked Sarah to join him on stage and sing the rest of the song with him. She immediately turned bright red and said no, and he asked her again. She declined and was a little embarrassed. I took a video of the song, but I stopped it right before he started talking to Sarah.

We still can't believe that we saw Jack Johnson with 20 people. We are still in shock and Sarah is still smiling from ear to ear.


Jodie Howerton said...

What an amazing experience! Can't tell you how many times I tried to win KROQ breakfast tickets when we lived in SoCal....

Needless to say, I'm JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!

Sarah, why oh why did you not hop up on stage? I have never known you to be shy before!!!!

Lisa Diederichs said...

Dinner with the Howerton clan was so much fun! Looks like you were having some fun of your own though! LUCKY! Jack is a cutie!

Glad you had so much fun!


Emily said...

Still sooo jealous!

Kristen said...

Why didn't you go on stage?? I've seen you sing backup for the Supertones before. I know you have it in you.

I think you were just intimidated by Jack's hotness.

neely mcqueen said...

that's amazing...i love jack i am pretty jealous!