Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Old Friends are the Best Kind of Friends

For 5 years Kristin and I were roommates and had some wonderful memories. This past weekend her family came out from Az. for a visit. She and Rick have 2 boys Isaiah and Tyler and a baby girl on the way.
On Friday we went to San Diego Zoo all day and then went to the beach in the evening. It was so hot that we blamed Kristin for bringing the Arizona heat with her.

Tanner was so tired from a hot and busy day. He still finds time to snuggle mommy.
Isaiah and Tanner were fast friends. He was so good with Tanner and Tan loved holding his hand at the zoo. Tyler is just a year older that Tanner but they got along pretty well too. I know I won't have another child with a T name. I got so confused all weekend with Tanner/Tyler.
Kristin, Rick, the boys and baby girl. Kipp and I were really impressed with what amazing parents these 2 are.
I love you Kristin. Come back anytime!!


Christie said...

Tanner looks so much older! What a fun day.

I saw the three martini playdate under your fav books - haha! I have that book, it is hilarious and spot on. And Empire Records brought back memories. I can almost hear the Gin Blossoms singing Until I hear it From Yoooooou...

Emily said...

I love Kristin too!

Jewels said...

It is so fun to see an update on Kristin. Her family is so cute and she seems really happy. I am glad you guys still keep in contact:)

Brazenlilly said...

What a beautiful family! I'm so happy for Kristin. When is her little girl due?