Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Die Davis Party!

Last week our friend Diane Davis was in town from San Fran and we had her over for a Die Davis Party! The Templeton's, my parents, Mark & Kristen, my aunt and uncle from Oklahoma, and my old roommate Julie all came over for a BBQ. It had been several years since I had seen Diane and Julie and it was great to catch up. Check out their blogs to the right.

Julie brought us some beautiful flowers that still look great in our kitchen. Diane brought gifts for Tanner, the Templeton kids, Jafta and India. Too nice!
Julie is having a baby girl in a few months and it was fun to have baby talk with her. Diane told us all about her job as a social worker. She has an amazing heart to do what she does and there is no way that I could do it. She makes teaching looks easy.

I think Tanner and I need to take a road trip up to San Fran to see the sights and crash at Die's house. It was so much fun to catch up with old friends.

Kristen Howerton and Diane Davis have become blog friends so it was fun for them to meet and for Die to meet Jafta and India who she had read so much about.

Kristi and Curtis are in the middle of moving so it meant a lot that they took time to drive down from HB to spend the evening with us.

The kids played outside for hours with little to no supervision and had a great time.

The BBQ was on Friday but it has been a busy week. Yesterday was my last day of school! Another school year has come and gone! Now that summer is here I am excited to relax, hang out with Tanner and focus on my church job. Happy Summer everybody!

Blog Update: Kipp's Dad, Paul Lyons is doing very well. He came home today and is doing better everyday. Thank you for your prayers and keep them coming.


Emily said...

How fun! It has been great to catch up on everyone with their blogs. Hope to see you soon!

Jewels said...


The park is in San Elijo Hills - It very close to my sisters house. Thanks for hosting dinner on Friday it was really fun to spend some time with you all and catch up:)

Diane Davis said...

Yes, come for a visit! We would seriously love to have you and Tanner.

Kristi said...

SARAH - I am up for a road trip! OAKLAND OR BUST!!!! Let's do it....all 3 kids. READY GO!

p.s. i'm totally serious.

Nancy H said...

No offense to anyone, but seriously, a road trip to Oakland even without kids is a very long drive!! Maybe you should check air fares! Thanks for including us in the party--we love your friends! And Kipp's grilling!

Lisa P said...

Is it too late for me to put my two cents in? As Diane and I have discovered, we are not far apart, and so I add my vote of "YES!" To the tallies. And with the right planning, the trip isn't bad--even with kids. I've done it many times alone with my three. You can do it!