Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tanner's First Earthquake

For those of you that live in So. Cal. maybe you felt the Earthquake today. I had just parked at the mall and was finishing a conversation with Jennifer Johnson when I said, we are having an earthquake. It started out slow them a second way hit that scared me. I hung up the phone and took Tanner out of his safe car seat to hold him in my arms, like that is any safer?!? I thought I was going crazy, then a bunch of people came out of the mall and I realized I wasn't the only one to feel it. My cute hubby called me to make sure we were alright.
I am glad we made it through!

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Jen White said...

What an adorable blog. I stumbled across your blog from Jen's and I love all the pictures that you have put up! So cute!!
I have to tell you that we are pregnant with our 3rd (SURPRISE!) and I am due only a few days after you Feb. 28th :) very fun.
Jen White