Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our New Favorite Beach!!

We had a family beach day on Saturday at baby beach in Dana Point. Derek and Jackie came with us and had a blast. Kipp rented a stand up paddle board and we all took turns on it.
Tanner is getting another surf lesson from daddy. Dana Point has a big jetty so there are no waves at the beach. That is why it look like a lake. Tanner loved to play in the water and he wasn't afraid to walk right in. Kipp brought a boogie board that doubles as a Tanner size surfboard. Watch Tanner in the video below. You can hear him yell with delight. He almost loses it during one turn, but he holds on. Finally saying, "All done" at the end.


Janel said...

Could you guys be any cuter? What fun! Tanner is a little surfer already! Love you guys,

Diane Davis said...

he is such a sporty kid.

are you in seattle? thinking of you and hoping you are all having fun!