Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Fall Wedding

Last weekend Tanner spent the night at Grandma's house and Kipp and I went to a wedding. It was the wedding of our friends Katherine and Adam and it was at Dana Point. It was very cold for an outside eventing wedding but it was beautiful.
Adam is Ashton's brother and he was the Best Man. Ashton, Tammy, Derek, Jackie, Kipp and I all had a great time together.

Jackie and I are all bundled up so we can keep warm.

Our cute friends Derek and Jackie danced the night away!

Kipp and I had a fun night together. It is good for married couple to remember all those feelings that we felt on our wedding day. Kipp and I have been married for 6 years and life easily turns into a routine. It is nice to hold hands during a wedding and promise to love, honor and cherish one another.


Kristi said...

How fun! I can't wait to see you tomorrow and hold your hand and remind you of how much I love you too! (Not in a weird way though!) :o)

The Shea's said...

You look beautiful! How are you feeling??

Lisa said...

how fun.

you look adorable.


The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

Look at your cute pregnant self :-)

Sarah B. said...

So random but I am a friend of Kristi's who will check out some of her friend's blogs (when I should probably be working) and I saw this and I totally know Katherine, we were ina bible study toether about a yr ago...small world!

Kristi said...

tell ur hot friend to send us the nkotb pics! :)