Friday, January 16, 2009

Vacation in Clear Lake

We just got back from a great vacation with the Tompkins! Jen and Trent are our college friends and they were both in our wedding 6 years ago. We are so blessed to still be close friends with them. Last spring they came down to our house for a Disney vacation. Sydney wasn't born yet and Tanner was still a little young to have a real playmate. So we really didn't know how the kids would be. Tanner and Carson loved playing together. Tanner loved saying "Hi Baby" to Sydney and waving to her.
You can see in some of the pictures how beautiful it was. The weather was amazing and that was a real treat for our Oregon friends. We took so many pictures and here are a few that I want to share first.
Carson couldn't stop throwing rocks in the water. We had just had a picnic and the boys played at a playground. And by boys I mean Carson, Trent, Tanner and Kipp. The big boys had a contest to see who could jump off of the swing with the longest jump.
Throwing rocks into the lake.

Tanner would wake up and be so excited to go out of his room to see Carson.
Story time with the kids.

All 4 girls! Next vacation Peyton and Sydney will get to play together.
Hugs for the boys. Sydney is hanging out on the floor.

My two dads.

We all kept saying we couldn't believe how well Carson and Tanner were getting along. The day after we got home Tanner was really missing his friend.
Tanner loved his Thomas backpack and wanted to take it on the walk.
It was a great vacation for all! It was nice to have this trip to look forward to towards the end of my pregnancy. I only have 5 weeks to go now. Kipp and Trent were the best dads ever! They wore those boys out every day! One day they went on such a long walk that Tanner threw up! That is some good fun!


Brazenlilly said...

Oh, I'm so glad that picture of all of us turned out well! How lucky were we that the motorcycle guy was there with the exact same camera battery?! We had SUCH a great time with you guys, and were missing you after we said goodbye!

Stephanie said...

Yay! How fun for you guys. I'm so glad you all were able to take this trip.
And, Howie, you look GREAT! You don't look any bigger than at the NKOTB concert. ( I love saying that.) :)
I'll be seeing you soon at the shower...can't wait!

Jodie Howerton said...

Serious cuteness!!!!!!!! Can't wait to meet Peyton..I bet you can't either... :)

Diane Davis said...

you and bunch have so many amazing pictures! i am so glad you got to take the trip before little peyton enters the world. tanner and carson together are just too cute.

Lisa P said...

This is not that far from us! We (some friends, Angela and us) took a vacation there last year at this time. It's pretty, but the town is a little back-woodsie! We still laugh about some of our experiences there. So fun.