Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our Princess Peyton and Prince Tanner

Today we went to our friend Emma's Birthday Party inside of Disneyland. Emma is Derek and Jackie's niece. Jackie and her family helped me with both kids. While we were having lunch several Princesses came by our table to say hello. It was all so sweet! Tanner LOVED seeing them. After one would leave he would say, "more princess." He gave them big hugs, kiss them on the hand and then blow them a kiss as they would leave.

One of the Princesses called Peyton Sleeping Beauty because she slept through the whole thing. It was funny that Sleeping Beauty was the one princess that Tanner didn't really like. I have no idea why.
This was Peyton's first Birthday Party so she wore her cupcake outfit.
This picture brought tears to my eyes. I just thought it was so precious!

Tale as old as time...

Snow White and two of her little dwarfs.

We ended the great meal with a plate full of different deserts. Tanner had such a good time. He was so tired after our day that he went to bed at 6:30. It was a day that we will remember for a long time. Happy Birthday Emma Rose!


johnsonandjohnson said...

sweet pictures!!!!

You look fantastic!

Thanks for thinking of me today.....I really appreciated you taking the time to wish me luck!

Kristi said...

Super Super Cute!

Kristen said...

How cute! I can't believe how many princesses they saw!!

Lisa Davis said...

Oh my goodness - that Cinderella shot is awesome !! That's a keeper. What fun !

Brazenlilly said...

LOVE THEM! The kids, that is. The princesses are great too. Tanner's face with Sleeping Beauty is so....TODDLER! I love it. He's selective about his fairytale ladies. Nothing wrong with that.