Friday, April 17, 2009

Busy Month

Hi friends-We have had a busy month. Here are a few fun things that we have done. We had a basketball party to watch the final of March Madness. Our friend Matt came down to meet the kids for the first time!

Carlsbad flowers:
We took a trip to see the beautiful flowers. We went with Grandma Howerton, Beth, Halle, Landon and Mimi. Then Tanner got to go back for a special day with Grandma Lyons and his great Aunts. Tanner loved playing in the dirt, I mean smelling the flowers.
Halle Beth will be 5 this summer and Landon is 5 days older than Tanner. They are al best friends.
Happy Spring!


Beth Smith said...

yeah! We had so much fun with you guys at the flower fields! Lets get together this week!

Lisa Davis said...

The field of flowers doesn't look real - how beautiful!!!