Sunday, April 05, 2009

Hoppy Easter

Happy Easter!
Kipp had his event this weekend. It was a HOT day in Aliso Viejo. We have been sick for a week now so it was nice to be outside. I dressed the kids in their Easter outfits.
Tanner made it just in time for the egg hunt. He is rocking the sweater vest!

Tanner and Peyton with the bunny!
Baby bunnies.
We ran into our friends Jen, Gordan and their baby Peyton. We took a picture of the 2 baby Peytons. Our Peyton is 6 weeks and their baby Peyton is 3 months.


Lisa Davis said...

Too cute ! I love Easter! Rachel was born in 2000, on Good Friday and we took her home on Easter Sunday and went straight to the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. Blake was beside himself, new sister and Egg Hunt all at the same time! It was crazy. Her nickname was obviously "Honey Bunny" Enjoy those cute adorable kiddos! They are going to get sooo big so quick !

Kristen said...

Cute! Both Peytons!

Tanner is adorably preppy in that vest. He's totally rocking' it!

Kipp's moustache . . . not so much.