Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Spring Reception

My beautiful Lauren got married. She and I have been friends since High School Youth Group. She married a nurse named Robbie who also helped take care of Baby Tanner. Lauren was with me through my labor with Tan, it was so special.
Beth and I have been best friends for years and Beth's sister Wendy and Lauren have also been BFF's. We had a great night! Jackie and Derek watched our kids so we could have a kid free night.
We laugh because Philip and I are the same person and Beth and Kipp are the same person too. We think it's funny that we both married boy who were just like our best friends.
Beth's little sister Wendy drove down from Nor. Cal for the weekend. It was so fun to see her again.
BFF's Kipp and Philip!

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Brazenlilly said...

But Beth does not have a creepy mustache like Kipp.