Saturday, August 22, 2009

Family Vacation

We went up to Washington like we do every summer and had a wonderful time. The kids love playing together and this year Tanner got to sleep in Caleb's bunk bed. Alex and Caleb loved playing with Tanner but it was very special for them to get to know Peyton. They were down in Cali a few months ago but Peyton is changing so fast. She is 6 months now and she loves to laugh, smile, roll and is starting to crawl.

One day we took a ferry to a cute little town. It was very Grey's Anatomy.

We went to the farm and picked carrots. On a different day we went to pick blueberries. I think the adults got carried away because we brought home buckets full.

We had a wonderful vacation but we are sad to see the summer end. I go back to school next week and I am so blessed to be sharing a contract again with my mom.

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Brazenlilly said...

Cute! I love Tanner's expressions in these pictures. Alex is looking more and more like Jody...lucky girl!