Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Best Shoes Ever

We are so lucky that our friend Ashton has worked for Etnies for years, giving us the hook-ups for cool shoes. Tanner is wearing his new etnies! I have always thought these are the coolest and I love when Tanner can look like a his cute daddy! Most of the shoes are Velcro so Tanner can put them on by himself.
Last week I was invited to etnies to learn the ins and outs of how great these shoes were made! They work so hard to test these shoes to make them so supportive for skaters. There toddler shoes have a "Grow with me" system where there is a an extra support that you can take out to give your child an extra few months of wear. Tanner grows our of shoes so fast that it's nice to wear the shoes for a little bit longer.
They study skaters to create the most supportive shoe possible. These shoes are good enough for people who do major skate tricks then I know they are good enough for my monkey. Tanner is a super active and I know he comes from a dad who has no fear, so I need to give him as much help as I can. Tanner is totally an etnies kid.
With Christmas around the corner etnies is having a special!
Log onto and enter the code "ETNIES FAMILY" and you will get $10 off any order of $40, plus free shipping! Happy shopping!

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Stephanie said...

Tanner is the cutest little skater boy! I love that he can wear matching shoes with his fun! :)