Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter Wonderland Vacation

We have been home for 3 days now and I am still tired. This was one of those vacations where you need a vacation after your vacation. Our friends Jaime and Ashley Wooldridge invited us to a cabin in Arizona. We were so excited to show Tanner the snow for the first time. We were there for almost a week and I took about a million pictures so I will blog about the first 1/2 of our trip now and the second 1/2 another time.
Kids in this photo:Sydney Tompkins, Carson Tompkins, Peyton, Kenadee Wooldridge, Tanner and Carlee Wooldridge.
We went with some of our college friends. At the end of our trip there were 8 adults and 9 kids. We were so happy that all of the kids got along so well. It was so cold that we tried to find things to do that were inside. One day we took a trip to the Flagstaff Mall. It was so fun to take time this busy holiday season and relax with our family and friends.
Peyton fell in love with Ashley. She has started to give hugs but they are really moe like head-butts. Kenadee loved playing with all of the babies too.
Here is Jaime and Ashley's youngest, Avaree. She is about 5 months older than Peyton.
This is before the snowfall of the year hit. On the first day Ash gave us a Ranger ride down to a park. We were all bundled up for the cold weather.
Jen and I didn't last very long outside in the cold with our little girls. I was really cold!
Carson and Tanner were really out numbered with all of the girls in the cabin. Even though these boys only see each other a few times a year they really do love each other. Earlier this year I was asking Tanner the names of people in our family and he told me that Carson was his brother! Too cute! They love to wrestle together. I think they might get that from their dads who were roommates all through college.
One day we went to an indoor pool and water park. I love this look on Carson's face. They were really excited.
Merry Christmas! More to come soon. It was an amazing trip and we are so blessed by these friends.


Lisa P said...

I LOVE seeing pictures with life-long friends. This is so fun that you all made this work!

Kristi said...

HEYYYY!!! Where are WE?