Monday, January 25, 2010

The last 2 weeks have felt like a year.

If you are my friend on Facebook than you have seen these pictures, if not this is what my life has been like. Here is our new and improved family (missing the Howertons Northwest).
Saturday we all went to LAX to welcome Daddy Mark with his boy Kembert. What an amazing day! There are no words to thank our friends for all of the prayers and letters people had written our Mark and Kristen's account.
It is a wonderful ending and a wonderful beginning.
To see Kembert for the first time was so touching. I have seen pictures of this boy for years. I have prayed for him and wanted to have him here so bad. Kipp and I had talked to Tanner about him and Tan was so excited to meet him.
There were so many kids and friends at the airport. As the controlling mom that I am I mad my kids stay in their strollers as long as possible.
In the middle of these crazy weeks Kipp had a birthday! We went out with his parents and Kipp and I even had a date!
Happy Birthday baby! We went to dinner and a movie, just the 2 of us. I love this boy. Thirty-two looks good on you.
I had a police officer come to my school to talk to my students. They loved it! This is just 1/2 my class. She finished her presentation just as it started to rain. Perfect timing.
This girl is so close to walking!! She has 5 teeth and likes to point. Her birthday is a few weeks away and I can't believe she is almost 1. I love her more and more every day. She loves to play trains with Tanner and to play Little People. And by play, I mean eat. She can copy sounds that she hears. Right now she is saying ba-ba.
Seeing Kristen at the airport was such a blessing. I am so honored to have 3 amazing, Godly sister-in-laws. I was so scared for her when she was in Haiti during the earthquake. Hearing she was alright wasn't enough for me. I didn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. When I say her I was making the same noise I made when my kids were born. Moaning like a baby, crying and my heart was overflowing with joy!

While Kristen was gone we took India to Tanner's Gym class and she loved it. She was the only girl in the class. She is so different from Tanner. She is cautious and didn't want to fall or get hurt. Tanner is a bring-it-on kind of guy.

So I thought things had settled down. Saturday and Sunday I got sick. I was feeling better today so I went to work. Kipp went to work and Tanner and Peyton went to daycare. First Kipp called me because he had gotten sick at work and gone home. An hour later Tanner got sick and I had to leave work in the middle of the day to pick him up. If you want the stomach flu please stop by our house and say hi.


Kristi said...

So many memories in such a short time!

We love you guys...hope you are feeling better soon.

(Although, it's good to know you weren't sick enough to make fun of your sweet friend Kristi.) hahaha.

Kringle said...

What a joyful blog... thank you!

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Soderin Family said...

so happy for all of you. sorry about the flu. feel better asap!