Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Double Birthday

Several months ago I won a FREE birthday party at the Little Gym in SC. Peyton and Tanner's Birthday are 2 weeks apart so I decided to have a joint party. We were able to invite our family and some friends to play with us on Saturday.
Peyton loved rolling and running around. She is a great walker!!
There were 2 teachers who did a great job with all of the kids.
Halle Beth Smith and Haley Beth Templeton are about 6 months apart and they had a blast playing together.
The big kids.
All of the kids and parents had a great time. I kept looking around the room and feeling so blessed to have such wonderful friends. It is so nice to have friends that love our kids so much.
The babies...
Peyton B., Brody, Camryn, Karis, Peyton L., and Cyrus. Yes Peyton and I are matching!
Happy Birthday Peyton and Tanner.
Jafta made fast friends with Tanner's My Gym boys, Carson and Caden. (Happy Birthday to Caden TODAY!!) Love ya boy.
Kristen isn't doing anything in her life right now so she made cupcakes for the party. Thanks Kristen. They were perfect. We had a pot luck party where several of my friends and family brought things to the party. All I did was the favors. My mom brought ice cream and toppings, Grandma and Grandpa Lyons bought the pizzas, Jackie and Derek brought the soda, Uncle JJ brought the waters, Steph and Jon brought the fruit, and Andi and Dusty brought the veggies. THANKS FRIENDS. I will return the favor anytime.
My baby doll. Happy Birthday little princess.
After the party the grandparents came back to our house to open gifts. It was the perfect day. Tanner was bouncing off the walls. After we put the kids to bed we kept saying, why are we so tired?

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johnsonandjohnson said...

SOOOOO fun! Great party!