Monday, March 22, 2010

I need a break...

This weekend Kipp was out of town so the kids and I held down the fort alone. I really missed him! Not just to help me take care of the kids, although that is a HUGE reason that I missed him, but I just missed him spending time with us as a family. I feel so blessed to have a husband who loves me and two healthy and adorable kids. The times that the 4 of us are together and having fun are the best times for me. It is nice to have time away to remind us of how great we have it.

When Kipp got home on Sunday night I was telling him how much we all really missed him. I am getting to go away next month for a girls weekend that I am really looking forward to. Kipp told me that if I had a hard time then he is going to die when he is alone with the kids for 3 days.

Being parents is a 24-7 job. It is nice to have a break once in a while. It helps us realize how great our life is.
Glad you're home baby.

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Dionne Sincire said...

Friend. I feel you. Absence truly makes the heart grow fonder!