Sunday, May 09, 2010

I LOVE being a Mom

I love being a mom. Tanner has filled our live with more joy than we could ever have dreamed. Then our little surprise Peyton is such a doll. She has a handful of words, one of them is CHEESE!! I try to have fun in everything that we do. Here we are at a family trip to Lowes.
For Mother's Day Kipp took the kids to Color me Mine and they painted a frame with the kids hand prints on it. They put this picture in it. They are in Peyton's room. So cute!
We have so much fun doing normal, everyday things. We also have a blast going to our favorite place, Disneyland.
Hi Goat. Say hello to your mother for me.
Working part time has been so amazing. I love the days that I get to spend with the kids.
Peyton is such a copy cat. She wants to be just like Tanner. She loves juice boxes. The other day I asked the kide, "Who's ready to go to church?" Tanner yelled, "ME!" Then Peyton yelled, "Maa." At the same volume that she had just heard.

These kids are such a joy to me. I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband. They are at the store right now buying food to Bar-b-q and I am alone is a quite house. Happy Mother's Day to everyone who is a mom or who has a mom.
Thank you to my mom who taught me how to love without condition.

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