Sunday, January 16, 2011

The best part of 09!

I know we are 2 weeks into a new year, but I wanted to look back at last year because it was pretty great! In one year Kipp and I go 3 new nephews! This is my parents with all 9 of their Grandkids.
Thanksgiving time with some cousins. Peyton, Kembe, Tanner, Alex and Karis watch a movie together.
Duzi and Kembe had their first American Holidays this year. Duzi is 5 and came home from Souh Africa with Micahel, Jodie, Alex and Caleb to Washington. Over Thanksgiving week we got to meet him.
Kembe at Christmas with his cousins and Grandparents.
Happy Christmas!
Both of my brothers and Kipp's sister adopted their little boys this year. Please continue to pray for finalization of Jeremiah's adoption. He came into our hearts this summer. He is just 2 weeks younger than Peyton. We are so blessed by our 3 newest family members!


Brazenlilly said...

So sweet! I love seeing all the new siblings and continue to pray for Jeremiah's finalization. Thanks for posting the pics. (Did you mean best of '10?) Can't wait to see T&P in person!

Diane Davis said...

love seeing this pictures. you have such a beautiful family. i also love that you are in denial about time flying and want to live '10 over again!

Lyonslove said...

Wait what year is it? Maybe that was the last time I blogged.