Monday, January 21, 2008


Our first Band Practice! We went over to Derek adn Jackie's to have our 1st practice. It is important for Kipp and I to raise Tanner in a musical household. (Shout our to Jen and Kristi!) Well Tanner likes to rock out to Jack Johnson and High School Musical 2 soundtrack. But we also want him to sing and play music so we gave him a little practice.

Tanner loved singing along as we were playing the music.

Hey buddy you may need to take that Paci out first.

Peace, I'm out!


Kristi said...

oh sarah...this brings me so much joy. Keep rockin' out Tan-Tan man. And come to our house so we can play guitar hero on the wii.

Brazenlilly said...

Oh, I'm so proud! We think Carson will be a drummer, so maybe Tanner will be the lead singer and they can have a band. Can't wait for them to play together!