Saturday, January 19, 2008

Birthday Breakfast

Happy birthday daddy!

We are out front and Tanner loved looking at the ducks. We went through a lot of bread and duck food. The ducks were glad that we came.

Kipp's 30th birthday is this Monday 1-21-08! We had a surprise Birthday Breakfast for him this morning. Jafta is helping him blow out his candle.

We went to a cute place in HB called Alice's Breakfast in the Park. Jafta, India, Tanner, and Haley are hanging out with the Grandparents.
Right outside there was a big pond with a bunch of ducks. We had so much fun feeding them. The little kids and the big kids loved them too!

Here is the whole gang after a great breakfast. The light is a little bright but I love how our friends and family are all together loving Kippers! What a great day. Kipp felt very loved. He also loved opening his gift from all of us, a brand new surfboard.

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Kristi said...

WE LOVED Kipp's BDAY BREAKFAST!!! It was such a fun morning and I'm so glad we got to celebrate with you...We love you SO MUCH!