Friday, May 23, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance

One of my favorite shows is back on TV.
If you missed the first show, start watching. Last summer Kristi and I got to go and see a taping of this show and it was so much fun. A week later I was back up in L.A. for my mom's birthday. We went to dinner before seeing Wicked. We were finishing up dinner and as we were walking out I saw Cedric (the dancer next to my mom.) I was so excited because I had just seen him dance the week before!! I said hello and he was excited to meet a fan. We were talking for a few minutes and all of a sudden Jesus (next to Kristen) came out of the restroom. I couldn't believe that another guy from the show was there. How cool. So Kristen and I got our picture taken with the boys.

We walked out and the boys met the rest of the family and were so nice. Next thing I know we are all just walking down the street together and I am gushing over what great dancers I think they are. Then we see two of the girls sitting on the curb waiting for the boys. They are Sara, a B-Girl with a hat on, and Jessie. Sadly Jessie and Jesus got voted off the next night. Sorry guys.

A new season started yesterday and I am already hooked. Kipp and I like to make Tanner be a little break dancer and pose him in different positions like the boys on the show. Check it out and it will make you want to dance too!!

Sarah, Jesus, Cedric and Kristen-We should have had a dance off!


Dusty Shultz said...

Andi loves the show too.

Kristi said...

sarah...i could not be more excited about this season. we were supposed to be packing for our trip, but i sat down and watched all 2 hours. oh yes, i am a fan. i was packing until 2am.

i hope we can see a taping again....

and p.s. you would have totally won the danceoff.

Kristen said...

Oooh . . . I am so excited too! I am making the kids watch it and they love it. Jafta was trying to do all the moves. So cute.

neely mcqueen said...

i am huge (HUGE) fan of fact I've been to the tour two years in a row. oh yeah!