Sunday, June 01, 2008


Is it just Jackie and I that are excited about this movie?
I'm guessing, yes!

I took my 14 year old friend Jackie to the movies a few weeks ago. We saw Zac (AKA:Troy Bolton) and all the gang getting ready for Hight School Musical 3, coming this fall! It looks like they are going to Prom.

I watched HSM 1 & 2 because I am such a good teacher! My students love the movies and I wanted to see what the fuss was. Well now I am hooked too.
See you at the theaters opening weekend!


Kristi said...

i worry about you sarah.

Kristen said...

You are such a liar. "I watched HSM for my students".

Yeah right. Just for the students.

Is that why you wanna see NKOTB in concert? For your students???

Rachel said...

I will be there as well!!! :o) I love those movies and I'm not ashamed. We watched the first one 2 1/2 times on a bus ride after a youth camp. It was glorious!

Charla Liedahl said...

Hey Sarah! Thanks for your comment on my blog. You can link to mine if you'd like. We just moved to San Ramon, CA (the Bay Area)less than a month ago due to my husband's job. It's so different from SoCal and we miss it, but we like it here, too! It's strange moving somewhere where you don't know a soul! I taught K before I had Nolan and may go back sometime (far) down the road after all my kids are grown. For now I love being a SAHM and feel blessed to do so. How fun to "still" be at MVCC. Good times!--Charla Oh! I've loved reading Kristen, Jodie and your Mom's blogs, too! Give your mom a hug for me the next time you see her!

Dusty Shultz said...

should we come by and lay hands on you and anoint you with oil? It sounds like you need it! You dont make Kipp go too do you?