Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Births and Birthdays

On Thursday June 26th our best friends Jen, Trent and Carson welcomed Sydney Paige Tompkins into their family. She is beautiful. Check out her blog to the right: Jen Bunch. We can't wait to meet you Syd!On Friday we spent the day at the Rancho Lake and played in the water for my mom's birthday. Then we went to my parents house for dinner and cupcakes. We love you mommy.
SHIRTS OFF! The cousins dig into some cupcakes for Grandma's Birthday! Tanner heard everyone saying the word cupcake, then he said it too! He is really starting to find his voice.

Derek and Jackie look like they are in Hawaii, but really it's Irvine. Wild Rivers here we come.
So Derek and my mom have the same birthday, June 27th. On Saturday we surprised him for a day of fun at Wild Rivers. It was a hot day so we all loved cooling off on the water rides.
That's me on the right, Jackie's 3 cute sisters, friends, cousin and aunt. Little Tyler crashed our girls picture.
Tanner and Emma (Derek and Jackie's Niece) take a break from the water to have a much needed snack! Check out Tan's crazy hair.
Another Happy Birthday shout out to JJ, aka The Godfather! His B-day was Saturday, June 28th, busy birthday week for our families and friends!
As you read on my previous post we are waiting for Madeline's Birthday this coming Thursday.

Kipp and I are so blessed by our friends and families. We always want you to know how special YOU are to us.
Happy Birthday and Unbirthday to you all.


Kristi said...

This was a really sweet post. I was looking at the pic of JJ thinking it was from his grad party, then I noticed CArson, then I noticed how HIDEOUS I looked in the background. I love that I love my friends so much, I don't mind them seeing me like that!!!

Emily said...

Thank you! Happy Un-birthday to you too!