Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Last night we got to see a taping of my favorite show, So You Think You Can Dance! An old student of Kipp's dad works on the show and he gave us tickets! Thanks James!!
It was the BEST night! We sat across the aisle from all of the choreographers. We saw Alex, Mia, Mandy Moore (not the singer), Tyce, Lil C and Posha form last years show. A highlight for me was meeting my favorite choreographers Napoleon & Tabitha Dumo. They were super cute and so nice.
We got to see each couple dance 2 times. Before each couple danced they stood in front of us and did their intro shot and we got to wave at them. The dancers, judges and choreographers all waved at, smiled at us or hugged me. Yes just me, Kipp is not a hugger.
We saw (hugged) Kortni who was voted off last week. She is so pretty!
I'm going to stop before I sound like a bigger dork. We had such a good time. The show airs on Wednesday at 8:00.

Here's my top 5 list...
5. Kherington
4. Katee
3. Twitch
2. Joshua
1. Will


Brazenlilly said...

SHUT UP! I'm SO jealous! You get the hook-up each year. Kerrington and Twitch are my favorite couple. I can't wait to look for you in the audience!

Diane Davis said...

I watched HALF of it tonight but I'm too tired to stay awake so will watch the other half tomorrow. I keep looking for you too. :) Sounds like a super fun night.

I haven't watched enough to know the names. My favorite after only two weeks of watching are the dancers who did the contempory number (the one with the erotic energy). Black guy with the nice body and the white girl with the red hair. Names?

Lyonslove said...

Will and Jessica. I love Will, but Jessica is going home soon. You can't see us on the show but we had a great time.

Dusty Shultz said...

WHAT!!!! Will is your fav? Its all about Twitch and Joshua aka Josh! You know there is only one way to settle this... A Dance Off! Of course my wife will be the one dancing not me.

Stephanie said...

What?? I can't believe you didn't mention that when I saw you! How fun for you!! I hope I don;t sound repetitive, but did I tell you that Kerrington is one of my former students?? I am jealous, but how FUN for you that you got to go!

Lyonslove said...

Stephanie-Shut Up! Kipp loves Kerrington! I mean I do too, but Kipp REALLY does!