Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Busy Week

13 people
1 family
1 house
1 HOT week
We had such a fun week up at Michael and Jodie's house. Here are a few pictures that give you an idea of all the things we did on our trip. The first several days it was very warm, but the second to last day it rained! Here are the 5 cousins in PJ's and a Batman suit. These 5 kids have a love for one another that should be an example to all of us. They bring each other great joy.
My brothers and I at the First Starbucks ever. We all enjoyed a cool drink on a hot day.

We went shopping in Pike's Market and the kids were troopers. The boys and Alex got a kick out of all the fish. The fish scared Tanner a little bit.

It was so hot and as Mark as their example the boys took their shirts after dinner. Please look at India in her pink boa and 1 high heal.

Did I mention these kids love each other? Jafta wanted to do everything that Caleb was doing. On this day we packed lunch and played by the water in Kirkland.
Tanner finally got to see the rain and he loved it. I played with him outside for a while then I left him on his own. He loved feeling the rain hit him on his head. Jafta kept telling us that the storm was coming. We were just happy to have a break from the heat.


Lisa P said...


For some reason, I really love that picture of you and your brothers. I don't even know them, but when I look at it, I smile. I think it's because we have two boys and a girl, and I hope that they hug her as they tower over her, just as your brothers do. You can see friendship in your eyes. Thanks for sharing!

Jodie Howerton said...

Ah, seriously, this house is too quiet without you all here.....

Love you!