Monday, August 25, 2008

A Fine Flight

So many of you gave me great ideas for a fine flight. Rule #1: Bring your mom. My mom was the best and she has never ending patience with Tanner. Here are a few things that worked for us...
Tanner got 2 new books. I wrapped them up as gifts and he loved opening them and reading them for the first time.
Of cource we has softie and magenta along for the flight. Kipp had bought Tanner a DVD player that was worth every cent. He did not move for 30 minutes.
You can see in the background that he has a milk cup and a cup for apple juice. We also brought a bunch of his favorite treats.

My mom brought a flash light that was fun for Tanner when all the lights were off. She also brought a special book with Tanner's name on it. He put stickers in it and colored in it.
Tanner loved opening and closing the window shade. He must have done it 100 times. He also loved taking a trip to the bathroom to wash his hands and look around. Over all it was a good flight. I wouldn't dream of flying alone with Tanner so big thanks to my mom and thank you for all of your tips!


Pot Liquor said...

Yah Tanner! That's whuz up. I'm so glad things worked out for you. First flights are great milestones.

Kristi said...

I'm glad he did so well. You brought back memories of one of Haley's first flights - with YOU guys. Remember? On our way to AZ??? She was climbing all over us and I seem to remember her serving as great birth control for you! :o) My other favorite memory - when Kipp was holding my breast pump and they searched him in security and his face turned all red! :O) Ah. good times.

Nancy H said...

Grandma loved every minute of it--well almost every minute!! He's a delight to travel with--you too Sarah!!