Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Starting Fresh

I know a lot of you parents are excited that school is starting next week and I am excited too. As some of you know my mom and I share a teaching contract so she is in the classroom for 1/2 the week and I am there the other 1/2. Today we spent the day setting our classroom up. This is the 3rd year I have been in the same room but there is something magical about setting it up at the beginning of the year. I love that teaching unlike many other jobs has a clear beginning point and an ending point.

As a teacher you are fresh and excited for the new year. The room is clean and filled with bright colors. It's like the room is just waiting for twenty 6 year olds to come in and begin to learn. The possibilities are endless.

Happy Back to School everyone. Here's to a great year.


Lisa said...

i didn't know you job-shared with your mom.

what a special thing to share ... and you already know each other so well.

what a gift!

have fun with your 1st graders!

did jodie tell you that caleb is in my class this year?

you KNOW we'll be having a great time together!

good luck xoxo

The Montgomerys said...

hi sarah! so fun to hear from you. we too hear many stories about tanner through my mom. i read your blog often and love keeping up with you guys, even though we've never met. congrats on your newest addition to the family. i loved how you told everyone with the shirt. great idea! hope to meet you all in person sometime soon.

love, annie

Lisa Davis said...

Hi Sarah - Cousin Lisa from Tennessee again. I LOVE the beginning of the school year also for different "mom" reasons. I think kids really need the routine of it. I think they enjoy knowing what is expected of them. Happy Back to school to you and your Mom. And congrats on Baby #2 !

Nancy H said...

My feelings exactly!! The room looks fantastic--if I do say so myself. We could start tomorrow!! I too am looking forward to a fantastic year filled with success stories!!