Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Beth and I last Christmas!

I have been so blessed by my friendship with my friend Beth. We have been best friends from the time we were in Jr. High. Today is her birthday and we spent the whole afternoon together with no kids. Her hubby had her 2 kids and Tanner was at his babysitters. We had a long lunch and we sat and talked for such a long time. We weren't having to feed anyone else or pick up crayons on the floor. It was so very nice. We went shopping at the outlets and got some Christmas shopping done. Then we got a Starbucks and sat again and talked for a long time. It had been way too long since we had that great of uninterrupted conversation. It was such a special day. I felt so blessed to have had that time with her.

I feel guilty when I spend time away from Tanner. Beth and I talked about that today and she reminded me that time away from our kids makes us refreshed to be better moms. When Tanner came home he was so excited to see me and it warmed my heart.

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Becky said...

Wait a minute....have I been replaced? I guess I can settle with BFFIOWNIB (Best Friend Forever In Oregon Whose Name Is Becky):)

It's sure fun to sneak on your blog- Tanner is a cutie and congrats on baby #2!