Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Girl LOVES Her Friends

I am so in love with this girl! Her shirt says I LOVE my auntie! Peyton is such a dream! I love holding her, looking at her, feeding her and listening to her.
We were so blessed to have so many visitors at the hospital. Ashley, Jaime and the 3 girls were visiting for the weekend and came by the hospital to meet our new little girl.
Ashley prayed for baby Pey before they left. My prayer for Peyton is that she has amazing friends like we do.
Jennifer, Brian, and Emily brought us a pizza dinner on night in the hospital. It was nice to get a break from hospital food.
Just the girl: Tammy and Jackie were excited to meet Peyton. Jackie babysat me one night while Derek and Kipp had a basketball game. We watched HSM3 and loved it!
Dusty and Andi are 2 months away from having a baby of their own!
Jafta and India are loving their baby cousin!
My best friend Beth and her mom Cindy came for a visit. Tanner calls Cindy his Mimi. Beth couldn't visit Tanner in the hospital because her son Landon was 5 days old.
Tanner came to visit his sister every day.
Kristi was our first non family member visitor.
Derek and Jackie came to see us 2 times.
This hat is from her Grandma Lyons. I think she looks so cute in it.
Tanner loves his sister.
Here we are going home form the hospital! It feels good to be home!! Our first night was pretty good. We are all just getting used to being a family of 4. Tanner waves at Peyton all of the time. He brings her things that he thinks she might want. He is such a good brother.
Thank you friends for all of your prayers. Keep them coming!


Lisa P said...

Love, love, love all the pictures, and it's so fun to have amazing friends that will celebrate with you, help you, encourage you and pray for you. It's fun to see in your pictures.

Jodie Howerton said...

Not getting to hold her is absolutely killing me right now...hope you are recovering well, Sarah!

Brazenlilly said...

I'm with Jodie--this is killing me! I'm so happy everything went well and you are feeling loved. Take good care of yourself and keep taking lots of pictures! Also, I can't believe the only picture I've seen (Other than the Christmas card) of Avaree was on YOUR blog!

johnsonandjohnson said...

We love you guys!! Peyton is so blessed!

Kristi said...

And her friends LOVE HER!!!!

Sounds like you and the family are doing well! Can't wait to come out for another visit!!!!

Jewels said...

Thanks for posting all the pics it was so fun to see more of Peyton and all her new friend.

Kristen said...

We are going through Peyton withdrawals. Can't wait to see her again!