Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Being a Mom

I am watching yesterdays Oprah about Being a Mom. I love hearing other moms talk about the ups and downs of motherhood. I have to be honest and say I love being a mom. I think I was born to be a mom. I was lucky enough to feel bonded and connected to both of my kids right away. Peyton is a super sleeper and sleeps 8 hours a night and has for a few weeks now. I enjoy watching Tanner love his sister. Even when Tanner gets in trouble I love hearing him say,
"I sorry mommy," and give me a hug.
I don't love when my child is throwing a fit in public and it feels like everyone is looking at me like I am a terrible mom because I just let him cry.

Most moms that I know are WAY too hard on themselves. I don't know how you are as a mom but I talk to myself all of the time. It is called Positive Self Talk and it is what I am all about. I feel proud of myself for all the little things that I do.
This is how my morning went.

Nursed my baby
Took a shower while Peyton was in the swing and Tan watched a show. Tanner didn't bother his sister.
Got myself dressed and both kids!
Tanner and I have breakfast while I pack snacks for the day.
Sunscreen on Tanner.
Load up the car and the kids for an outing.
As I am driving away I double check that I have BOTH kids! -Great job Sarah!

I have fun every day with my kids. My goals are to be firm, fair, have fun and be consistent.

I try to follow Tanner's lead. When he gets hurt is sad for a minute and need a hug. Then two minutes later he is playing and doesn't even remember that he got hurt. I try to be the same way. I get frustrated at different times but I try to just let it go and move on.

I am so blessed to have a husband who loves me and encourages me as a mom. The other day when he got home from work he told Tanner to thank me for taking care of him. Then yesterday he was getting our tax stuff and he thanked me for being so organized. It makes me feel good that he sees all of the things that I do. Plus I feel like I am loving him by taking care of our kids.

Just some of my thoughts.


Kristen said...

You are such an awesome mom! I love your outlook and your laid-back approach. I think we could all use more positive self-talk.

Brazenlilly said...

You are a great mom! Next time I think you should be on Oprah.

christie walker said...

I loved reading this post. I got a little teary eyed. I really hope when I am a mom I can remember this. Very uplifting and inspiring. Thank you!

Nancy H said...

You are an outstanding mom!! I am so proud of all my kids and the job they are doing with their kids!! My grandkids are the best--because they have the best parents!! Love you all!