Monday, September 28, 2009

Breast Cancer Walk

On Sunday we walked in Race For The Cure with 20,000 people. My mom is a 5 year survivor. It was a great day to celebrate the journey that we have all been on.
I think Tanner looks so cute with his running shoes on.
I was so proud with Kipp who ran the thing. It was his first real run since his knee surgery in June.

There were so many people who were walking in memory of loved ones and who were walking in celebration of loved ones who had won their fight.
I couldn't believe that Peyton fell asleep. It was so loud-there were bands playing every 1/2 mile and at one point a marching band right next to us. She is such a good girl.
Grandma with some of her kids.
I made the kids some home made shirts. Tanner's says: My Grandma is my HERO!
Peyton's says: Boobies should be full of Milk-Not Cancer.
It was a day full of Hope. I hope that we are one year closer to finding a cure.


Lisa said...

Oh, I LOVED your pictures. How special to be able to walk that with your mom. I cry every year I walk it because of all the survivors.

Also, I see that Kipp's stache is back! ;)


Lisa Davis said...

Sarah - great pics!! Your Mom looks great 1!